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Without the dark we'd never see the stars | Dream Team (twilight) instrumental fanmix

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[music| Bella's Lullaby • Adrienne Frailey]

Another twilight instrumental fanmix from this girl again? yes but bare with me, the idea behind this one is somewhat different. This brand new compilation focuses solemnly on the delicate, personal feeling the books gave me. This one has a much more Dream Team feel, songs that when I hear them my mind automatically goes right back into that world my imagination created the first time I read these books. Each track was carefully picked to fit that softness that I relate to dream team so much, to the Edward & Bella we fell in love with. This is probably my last Twilight fanmix and I hope with this final compilation I have succeeded in giving you back that feeling of intimate & fluffy love these books once gave us.

Without the dark we'd never see the stars
| An instrumental twilight book series fanmix

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Fangirling in 2010 | A picspam

It feels like tradition for me now to make a year's list each December to remember and share with you all the fandom-highlights i've been through over the past 12 months. Maybe by scrolling through this picspam, a fandom will spark your interest and you might find something new to obsess over in the year to come ;) Enjoy!

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LotS // Smthng always brings me back 2u

Comeback! =)

Hello flist! It's been a long time eh? I think this is the longest 'break' i've ever taken between posts. So sorry about that! I hope you are all doing great ♥ Maybe some of you kept track of my stuff by following me on my tumblr blogs - so thanks to those who follow! I really appriciate it <3 Lots of ppl have asked me when I would make a new lj entry so here it for you guys! New graphics-share =) Basically I just plopped alot of stuff i've done in these past few months. Enjoy!

++ Preview ++

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Anto's personal tumblr

Just passing through quickly to let you know I finally have a long overdue personal tumblr.

It's still very new but feel free to follow if you want =) I'm always going to post mini picspams of my favorite fandoms/celebs and whatnot. It will allow me to focus on other fandoms I don't spend nearly enough time on.

Sorry I haven't been posting alot on lj lately. I've not been productive enough to make "big" posts with lots of graphics to share. I post lots of little banners on my tumblrs though. You can find all my tumblr pages and other websites/social network accounts @

I don't know when i'm going to have a new graphics-share post, hopefully sometime soon? In the meantime.. thx for sticking around ♥ Take care flist. I hope you are all having a great summer!
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The Alternate New Moon Movie

After the overwhelming response I got with my previous Alternate Twilight Movie picspam, I was really determined to make a New Moon one. I said I would try as hard as possible to make it happen and now after days of struggle and pulling my hair out for the lack of screencaps.. The alternate New Moon movie is complete!

As usual - I'd like to remind everyone that this picspam has to be taken with an open mind. It's not necessarily about shipping Dream Team or whoever, this picspam is more about how I envisionned the book the first time I read it and bringing my imagination to life. So if you can't keep an open mind about it, you are welcome to click the X button at the top right corner of your screen.

Now onto the picspam... ENJOY! ♥

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Follow Dream Team | Romeo & Juliet on Tumblr

For you Tumblr fans out there, i've just created:

(Twilight) Dream Team. The world needs more Dream Team, so here is a tumblr page dedicated to the good old Twilight of our imagination. Let's keep the DT spirit alive and get your daily dose of Gaspard & Emily:

Romeo and Juliet fan. A tumblr page dedicated to all Romeo & Juliet versions out there, whether it's the 1968 version/1996 with Leonardo DiCaprio/the French musical/the 2006 Québecois version/The Japanese anime, they all get a special tribute. So if you're a fan, be sure to follow! ♥

On a sidenote - No graphic update for now, i'm thinking of starting to work on the New Moon Alternate Movie: Dream Team picspam real soon. So that ~might~ be my next update ;) I hope some of you are looking forward to it.
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Graphics post - Wallpapers

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As promised, here's a graphic update! Another "wallpapers only" post. ;)

Wallpapers of:
++ Donnie Darko
++ Twilight (Dream Team)
++ Titanic
++ Leonardo DiCaprio
++ Roméo Et Juliette (2006 Québecois version)
++ Muse

++ Preview ++

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I have a question for you guys: What (type of) graphics do you want to see more in future posts?

What graphics do you want to see more?

Posters/DVD Advertisements
Cover Art for random songs
Other (explain in a comment please)
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I won!

My header won!

I think this was my 5th or 6th time participating to the lion_lamb header contest and quite frankly, I had lost hope of winning lol I just participated for the sake of making Twilight fanart with a bonus purpose... and I win lol. So if any of you have voted for that header, THANK YOU SO MUCH. And to all the other fellow participants I just want to say a big CONGRATS TO YOU because the other entries were lovely and just as deserving to be the winning header. =)

wow I still can't find myself to believe it. I get all fuzzy inside when seeing my header at the top of the comm. haha

And those who care for an actual update (I don't blame you! lol) I shall have some new stuff posted soon, no worries. More leaning towards wallpapers than icons - we shall see if the post gets big or not. Actually i've been wanting to do the 30 Day TV show/Movie Meme so I might try going for that.. but no promises. I still have to make the Dream Team New Moon picspam - that's a must. So yep.. new stuff coming real soon ;)
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a Romeo + Juliet fanvideo

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[music| Le Chant de L'Alouette // Roméo Et Juliette, de la Haine à L'Amour: 2000 Original French Cast Soundtrack]

No graphics this time.. but a fanvideo. Long time since I fanvidded and I guess only Romeo and Juliet could spark the motivation again. I used Muse's new song "Neutron Star Collision (Love is Forever)" which is more fitting for Romeo & Juliet rather than Eclipse xD Don't be surprised if you find this an unsual R+J video. That's because I included 4 versions of Romeo & Juliet: Franco Zeffirelli (1968), Baz Lurhmann (1996), the Québecois version (2006) and the French musical with Damien Sargue & Cécilia Cara (2000). Yep, lots of variety in this one lol

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