November 1st, 2008

Virgin Suicides // I will make you cry

Virgin Suicides icons + Twilight icons/wallpapers

[mood| stressed]
[music| Bella's Lullaby // Carter Burwell]

I had to make a post. Waiting was just killing me xD okay are we getting awesome Twilight stuff or what? the new photoshoot taken in Italy is INCREDIBLE. Perfect. I hope you guys are enjoying all the clips because I AM NOT WATCHING THEM. YES, CLAP CLAP FOR ME because I am having major self control to not watch all the clips. The movie is just around the corner (20 days! OMG!) I think I can try to not spoil myself for the next 3 weeks. Yes? interesting challenge lol Here's a post with some "Twilight" icons and wallpapers AND some "Virgin Suicides" icons. ENJOY!

++20 Virgin Suicides Icons
++24 Twilight icons (including animated)
++02 Twilight wallpapers

++ Preview ++

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