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In my last post I mentionned how I wanted to make a TOP10 fave Twilight scenes from the movie and since alot of you guys encouraged me to do it, well HERE IT IS!


01. Edward Bites Bella/Let Me Sign
You would think that after seeing the fight scene over a million times thanks to the unnecessary spoiling of the climax scene of the movie - nothing exciting would be left? BOY WAS I WRONG. Kristen's acting there was astounding, you really believed she was at the verge of changing into a vampire.. and Edward's emotional torture of being there but not knowing what to do to save her. Let me say, I LOVED Rob's song Let Me Sign from the first time I heard it but when I heard it in the movie, I think my mouth fell to the floor. The flashback sequence was too perfect for words. I guess I just like tragic stuff because that scene twisted my heart and I was about to cry. "DEATH IS PEACEFUL" .. wow <333 I love how the camera just spins around Bella & Edward laying on the ground holding her, with the snow falling on them. Can I say EPIC? My fave scene out of the whole movie. Everything is just so well structured from beginning to end.

02. Prom Scene
This was my favorite scene in the book so I had really high expectations for it. It ended up exceeding my expectations with its beautiful colors (which the animation doesn't do it any justice at all) and wonderful camera shots. The scene was beautiful from beginning to end, Robert and Kristen had excellent chemistry and it is easily the most romantic scene of the whole movie. They looked beautiful and they really gave Book!Edward&Bella justice in this scene. Seeing Edward grabbing Bella and pulling her close to him so that she could dance on his feet was a GORGEOUS detail. It was also a pleasant surprise to actually see the movie "sealed with a kiss". I was expecting just one kiss (the bedroom scene) but the prom just added the icing on the cake with the beautiful and sweet kiss. Honestly, the movie couldn't end any better. Victoria with her red eyes (as if she had cried a river for James' death) was a great cliffhanger and I am SO glad we get to see Rachel Lefevre for 2 other movies. In conclusion, for a scene I was going to be very harsh and picky with, they did a wonderful job keeping the TWILIGHT!BOOK magic <333

03. I Know What You Are
What to say about this scene? I didn't expect it to be so kick ass. Bella putting all the pieces together and all the flashbacks. "SPEED. *flashback of Edward stopping the van* COLD. *flashback of Bella touching Edward's fingers*" ..and the hallucination/nightmare of Edward biting Bella in that classical/30s look. SUCH A GREAT DETAIL (I love you whoever thought of putting that in the movie!). The whole montage was just brilliant and keeps your eyes glued to the screen. And then the tension between Bella & Edward the next day after school, very well done there. I love how she walks past him and Edward's tortured expression because he knows Bella found out but he doesn't wanna lose her. LOVE the camera work here, it's like you were really in their shoes and feel what they feel. I LOVE YOU C.HARDWHICKE <3 And not to mention the kick ass score music in the background, it's really intense and grasps you even more into the moment. Everything in this scene is suspense-greatness!

04. Bedroom Scene
Ahhh the bedroom scene. In my opinion this was the most authentic scene to the book. Why, you think? The sex tension was there, exactly like it was in the whole saga. Then you have the sweetness and simpleness of Edward & Bella. It's not about singing on the roof of the moulin rouge or flying at the bow of the Titanic. It's just that little human girl who is completely obsessed with this mysterious boy who turns out to be a vampire. They get to know eachother & become inseparable. I wish they wouldn't have muted/put music over when Bella & Edward talking on the bed, I wish we could have heard Edward hum Bella's lullaby. Oh well! It was incredibly SWEET to see Bella sleeping and cuddling in Edward's arm - now THAT was authentic to the book TO A T! And now.. the kiss. NO WORDS. You think we were totally spoiled with all the tv spots/trailer glimpses we've seen but gosh was I glad to see there was more. Edward leaning in SLOWLY and keeping telling her "don't move" was absolutely Book!Edward lol but the climax was when he suddently pushed her away to intensly stare at her and violently pushing Bella on the bed and start majorly making out. Call me crazy but for a moment there I thought for sure they were going to have sex. Yeah, fat chance. LOL still, the chemistry was mindblowing. I got butterflies when he was leaning in to kiss (thank god there was no music! it only made it more intense) and you could so FEEL that Bella wanted to eat him alive xD GREAT JOB KSTEW/ROB <3333

05. Revelation/Meadow
On my first viewing, I was disappointed with this scene. I expected more awesomeness and LESS cheese. On my second viewing (maybe because I knew what to expect) I really enjoyed it. Yes, it's still cheesy as hale but I like the whole vibe of the scene. Rob was really angsty which makes him... perfectly Edward. I love how Bella was after him and she couldn't part away. You could see that she was already head over heels and had no intention giving up on him. I love how the whole scene they are close, he moves away, they get close again, he walks away, getting closer, and closer.. that's the whole Edward/Bella vibe right there! And I don't care what people say, THE SPARKLES ARE FINE! They could have been so much worse. I mean A GUY THAT SPARKLES - you cannot get any cheesier than that. I don't care about the sparkle noise either, I don't even pay attention to it at all. And excuse me but the "Lion and lamb" quote was ADORABLE. I love that he puts his hand on her heart and just says it + their expression when saying it. Especially Rob when he says "A sick masochistic lion" he cracks a smile. ADORABLE. And I BOW TO CATHERINE HARDWHICKE for the excellent camera work in this scene. It takes you in, you FEEL like you're in their world so much. You just keep spinning around them and it feels like the world has stopped just for Edward&Bella. WONDERFUL WORK! And can I just say the score music is breathtaking in this scene? especially at the part when the clouds part and the sun shines on Edward's face... the song gets SO sad but incredibly sweet at the same time. I don't know how to say this but that song really depicts Edward's inner turmoil. BIG KUDOS TO CARTER BURWELL FOR DOING SUCH AN AMAZING JOB WITH THE TWILIGHT SCORE

You think WHO WOULD CARE FOR THE CREDITS? well that's what I thought. I wasn't expecting anything besides DECODE to kick in and white on black credits. Boy was I in for a treat with all the outtakes. The radiohead song was bliss to hear! The credits were so fun to look at because you never knew what could pop. Bella & Edward falling in the leaves? ADORABLE! Can someone PLEASE explain why they didn't keep that in the movie? Jesus. Cut out some boring diner scenes and PUT THAT IN. They better put that scene in the DVD "Deleted Scenes" or i'm gonna go apeshit on someone's ass. Also, Bella grabing Edward by the shirt and pulling him on her? YUUUUUM. Another thing i'm hoping will make it on the DVD. Bring on the sexy. And finally, my probably FAVE shot of the whole movie - Edward biting Bella in this 30s look to end the credits - "TWILIGHT" logo .WOW. To be honest they should have put "DECODE" instead of "Leave out all the rest" since it was SO promoted for the movie. anywhoo, the credits are definitly in my top10 for it's uniqueness. Again, you can see everybody worked hard to make this movie as best as they could!

07. I Dreamt Of Edward
It's such a little scene but so crucial for the book fans. Edward watching Bella sleep, it was so intimate and well done. I love the fact that she wakes up and sees him there - opens the light and he's gone. Was it a dream? Short scene but I really loved it. Again, the music is mysterious & romantic. This song is probably one that I listen to the most out of the whole score <3 Though I wish we could have heard Bella say something since she always talks in her sleep but still - it got the point across very well with Edward looking creepy but intense and madly obsessed with her.

08. Bella's Lullaby
Yes, I was disappointed at how they minimized the meaning of the piano scene in the movie but you cannot deny it really is a feast for the eye. The colors and the way the camera flies around. How gorgeous Bella & Edward are, how Bella was so touched by looking/listening to Edward playing the piano, just standing next to eachother listening to the melody. But the highlight of the scene for me was the musical-sequence with Edward & Bella climbing the trees together and then the camera spins and you could see them talk in the trees. That was absolutely ADORABLE. You could feel the young love blooming. The whole scene is filled with sweetness. Put aside the fact that it's supposed to be a lullaby, you have to admit the BELLA'S LULLABY track is a breathtaking piece of instrumental music.

09. Baseball Scene
Ah the baseball scene! If there was one scene I was indifferent about, it was this one. Oh but what a pleasant surprise it was to see how cool this scene ended up being. All the Cullens were sooo great, they really felt like a cool family. Jasper, oh Jasper. Sorry but he really stands out here. I also love Emmett's attitude and how he climbs the tree so quickly and snags the ball, he really kicked ass there. BUT THE BEST OF ALL was when Edward & Emmett collided and fell to the floor, how Edward was laughing. That was Rpattz ALL THE WAY! So adorable, you can't help but smile at that part. All in all, the scene was really entertaining and ended up being one of the best in the movie. Oh and SUPERMASSIVE BLACK HOLE? One hell of a good choice! I was scared about that song being in the movie because I couldn't imagine where it could fit without sounding/looking tacky but the baseball scene was definitly the perfect fit! Oh and can I add that I love Victoria? yep, I really do! I ♥ YOU RACHELLE LEFEVRE.
Victoria: "I'm the one with the whicked curveball"
Jasper: "Oh I think we can handle that!"

10. School Ride/Mountain scene
I was in a dilemma with my #10, weither I would have the port angeles scene, hospital scene or "School ride/Mountain" scene but I chose the latter. Edward taking Bella to school was a totally kick ass moment of the movie and the line "Since i'm going to hell..." won me over! lol they looked really badass together. And then seeing them talking in the mountains and YES, WET EDWARD is hot indeed xD I love the line when he says " wouldn't be like drinking your blood for instance". That was very book!Edward, this whole scene was very Twilight!Book, Rob had the old soul thing going on. And not to mention, Kstew did a good job portraying the delicate, interested & falling in love girl here. Basically, it was a very good looking scene while getting to know more about Edward.

p.s. I don't know about you guys but the hospital scene just rips my heart. Watching that scene only reminds me of NEW MOON how much it's gonna hurt watching that movie. Rob had the "I can't be with you, Bella" thing going on SO well it actually hurt to see/hear him say that. The line "Where else am I gonna go?" was SO TOUCHING. And Kstew's mini-seizure pain was really well portrayed, you just know she's gonna do an excellent job as depressed!Bella in NM. I'm really looking foward to the next movie but I can't deny it's gonna hurt so much to watch Edward leave and Bella struggling without him.

I'm a big Movie Score fan and I really have to say the Twilight Score is a masterpiece! So while i'm here, why not make my top10 fave songs from the Twilight score? xD

o1. Phascination Phase
o2. I Dreamt Of Edward
o3. The Lion Fell In Love With The Lamb
o4. I Know What You Are
o5. Bella's Lullaby
o6. Stuck Here Like Mom
o7. Tracking
o8. Edward At Her Bed
o9. The Skin Of A Killer
1o. Who Are They?

This was fun! Thanks for reading ♥

+Feel free to snag and use the animations
+Credit if you want
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