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.mon coeur s'ouvre à toi

antonella87 graphics journal

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5 September


• I'm not a credit freak at all so credit me if you want.
• If you do credit me, please credit to antonella87
• If you use my stuff on other sites (non-livejournal), credit to Antonella & link back to www.lil-italiana.2ya.com
• If you like my stuff or take, PLEASE COMMENT. Feedback is what makes all the work worthwhile
• Do NOT direct link/hotlink my stuff. BIG NO-NO if the graphic includes animations.
• I do NOT take requests, sorry. Suggestions are welcome though!
• NEVER EVER alter my graphics without my permission. I hate it when people edit my works.
• Feel free to FRIEND ME if you wanna keep track of my artwork. You don't even have to ask =)


ANTONELLA. friends call me Anto. 22. Italian. Canada. sarcastic. Artistic. Graphics Maker. Vidder. MAJOR FANGIRL. Voted best Twilight book fan and best Dream Team fan. Goofball. Romantic. Rock N' Roll. Naughty. Lazy. Dreamer.

FANDOMS: Titanic. Romeo & Juliet. WONDERFALLS. Donnie Darko. Supernatural. TWILIGHT | DREAM TEAM. Moonlight. Leonardo DiCaprio. Jensen Ackles & Jared Padalecki. Legend Of The Seeker. Pushing Daisies. True Blood. 3 Metri Sopra il Cielo. Elisa di Rivombrosa. Shakespeare in Love. Fernando Colunga. Telenovelas. Antonio Banderas. Jason Dohring as Logan Echolls and Josef Konstan. Jor-el/Louise.

10 random things you might wanna know about me: I tend to get REALLYYY obsessive with fandoms. I ♥ MUSIC way too much and take it a little personal if you insult my taste. I stay on the computer ALOT therefore I am a geek. I live and breathe Romeo and Juliet in every possible way. I love romantic tragedies too much. I find it annoying when way too many people like the same things fandoms that I do. I love people who stand out from the crowd. I adore Halloween. The 90s were the best years. I lol at people who take the internet a little too seriously.

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10thingsihateaboutyou, 500 days of summer, 80s rock, across the universe, amor real, antonio banderas, april showers, bella swan, ben barnes, celine dion, chandler bing, chris pine, cruel intentions, dean winchester, disney, disney movies, donnie darko, drawing, dream team, dvds, eclipse, edward cullen, edward/bella, elisa, elisa di rivombrosa, emily browning, evan rachel wood, ever after, f.r.i.e.n.d.s., fanmixes, fernando colunga, forums, gaspard ulliel, graphics, guitar hero, halloween cartoons, instrumental music, italy, jack/rose, jared padalecki, jason dohring, jaye tyler, jensen ackles, jessica/hoyt, jeux d'enfants, jim sturgess, joe anderson, joseph gordon-levitt, juliet capulet, karaoke, kat/patrick, kate winslet, keira knightley, lee pace, legend of the seeker, leonard whiting, leonardo dicaprio, leonardo dicaprio movies, logan echolls, making sites, memoirs of a geisha, mick/beth, midnight sun, moonlight, movies, muse, music, new moon, olivia hussey, phantom of the opera, phonebooth, photography, photoshop, piano, placebo, pride & prejudice, princess diaries 2, pushing daisies, rachel mcadams, rock n' roll, romance, romeo & juliet, romeo + juliet, romeo and juliet, romeo et juliette, romeo montague, romeo/juliet, rose dewitt bukater, sailor moon, sam winchester, saving juliet, selena, shakespeare, shakespeare in love, singing, sophia myles, soundtracks, supernatural, swan princess, telenovelas, that 70s show, the beach, the breakfast club, the departed, the notebook, the princess bride, the virgin suicides, the wedding date, thumbelina, tim burton, titanic, true blood, tuck everlasting, twilight, twilight saga, twilight series, video editing, vittoria puccini, william shakespeare, wonderfalls, zeffirelli's romeo and juliet

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